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Feb 15, 1982 (Aquarius)
About me:
Not much to say about me. I have a cat and a dog that can't stand each other. I read a ton. I play on webkinz. I have severe fibromyalgia. Which is a form of chronic pain. I spend a lot of time on the pc playing games and reading to take my mind off of it. Though a lot of times it may look like I'm on and I'm not actually there. But up moving around. That or I've forgotten to put my pc to sleep again.
Fort Worth
I like playing in Webkinz World. Both because I enjoy it & because it helps to distract me when I'm in a lot of pain. I read a ton. Both books from the library and fanfiction online. I also enjoy playing with my dog and cat.
Reading. Learning about many different things. Animals.
Favorite Music:
I don't really listen to music anymore.
Favorite TV Shows:
True Blood on HBO.Dancing With The Stars. Animal Planet. History Channel. All Discovery channels. National Geographic channels. Mythbusters. Animal cops. Health channel. Cartoons. Sometimes I even watch Arthur on PBS but it's rare. Mostly I watch things like that when I"m bored. I really prefer Cartoon network. But most of my cartoon watching is done when I'm baby-sitting. That's when I get to see all the kid movies that have recently come out that I want to see. Mostly though I don't watch TV that much. I prefer to read in quiet. Or play on the computer.
Favorite Movies:
Not really any absolute favorites.
Favorite Books:
Far, far too many to name.
Favorite Quotes:
Bite me.

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